Persian Links

Useful reference and Persian language and alphabet learning material.

Thank you in Farsi

Persian Cat

Hello in Farsi

Teach yourself Modern Persian

Persian Names

Short Stories

Farsi Phrases

Common phrases in Farsi.

Persian in Wikipedia

Introduction to Persian language in the Wikipedia.

Easy Persian

Persian lessons and alphabet.

Persian Alphabet

Persian alphabet symbols and writing.

BBC Persian

Latest Persian news from Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Farsi - Persian Language

A history of Persian language and suggested Persian phrases to replace Arabic-based pharases used in Farsi.

University of Texas, Austin: Persian course (+ audio)

EasyPersian: Persian course

Persian alphabet

Jahanshiri: Persian basic grammar & vocabulary

verbs conjugation

Dastur: Persian grammar (in English, German, Persian)

Anamnese: Persian grammar [PDF] (in French)

linguistic map: Persian language is spoken in Iran and in a part of Afghanistan

The flowers of Persian literature, Extracts from the most celebrated authors in prose and verse, with a translation into English, by Samuel Rousseau, William Jones (1805)

Chrestomathia Persica by Friedrich Spiegel (1846) Persian texts

Persian-Latin glossary

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Short stories